Design Trends to Fall in Love with in 2021

Say Hello to these 10 New Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends are changing in 2021. This year, the interior designers and architects at our San Antonio studio are seeing a shift away from cold color palettes, minimalist decor, and standardized finishes and a move towards warm colors, maximalist design, and unique personal touches. Here are the top 10 new design trends of 2021 that we are most excited about. 


1. Cottagecore 

Cottagecore is a new name for an old style. The charming Dutch doors, cobblestones, and thatched roofs of English cottages date back to the Medieval era but have found their home once again amongst the modern luxuries of the 21st century. We believe cottage style is trending in 2021 because it offers peaceful nostalgia and warm home comforts that serve as a welcomed break from the modern distractions of television, cell phones, and screen time. To achieve the look in your home, embrace a collection of rustic and antique furnishings, cozy floral textiles, and light earth tones that feel fresh and tranquil. 


2. Rustic Details 

In line with the cottage style, rustic details are gaining popularity amongst 2021’s top interior design trends. In the last decade, we saw all-white kitchens, uniform backsplashes, and streamlined fixtures grounded in precise manufacturing. Now, homeowners are turning away from sterile uniformity to choose artisan goods like handmade tiles, reclaimed vintage furnishings, and hand-forged hardware. It’s time to embrace life’s imperfections and value the beauty found in the variations of rustic details.    

Clay Squared

3. Emphasis on Nature 

After spending more time at home due to COVID, couples and families are changing their design preferences. Homeowners are looking outward for design inspiration guided by the beauty of nature. In 2021, we are seeing an emphasis on natural elements in the home and an embrace of raw materials. Designers are opting for natural fiber textiles over synthetics and natural fiber furnishings like wicker, rattan, and cane. Live-edge wood pieces, like dining tables, are being used as focal points that celebrate the organic form in the home. Houseplants are also rising in popularity, as they bring the outdoors right into the room. 

Southern Living

4. Yellow and Gray 

One of the most surprising design trends of 2021 was Pantone’s announcement of not one but two colors of the year. They revealed the unique pairing of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow. These warm colors are meant to symbolize enduring strength and uplifting hope, and both complement each other beautifully in the home for a bright and happy feel. We are seeing this color combination in kitchens, on both cabinets and appliances, as well as wall coverings, textiles, and tiles. 


5. Embrace of Color  

Yellow and gray are not the only colors trending in 2021. Designers and homeowners are embracing the use of strong colors throughout the entire home. Gone are the days of all neutral color palettes. White walls now serve as the canvas of self-expression in the house, and we are seeing warm earth tones, bright jewel tones, and soothing colors pulled from nature all rise in popularity. When working with color, we recommend using it throughout the entire room and not limiting it to one accent wall. If you love the color enough for one wall, you should love it enough for all of them! 

Barlow & Barlow

6. Maximalism

In the 2010s, minimalist decor was on the rise. However, that no longer seems to be a practical option for our home lives in the new decade. Now, we are spending more time than ever inside our homes, and they need to meet multiple functions while providing comfort. It is maximalism’s time to shine. Homeowners are now taking their personal collections out of storage to be proudly displayed on their shelves, and designers are embracing warm cozy interiors that feel inviting rather than stark. Get ready to layer patterns, textures, and accessories! 

Martina Mondadory Sartago

7. Personalization 

In many ways, the biggest trend of 2021 is not a style to copy and paste into your home but rather a journey to discover what it is that truly makes you happy and reflects your own sense of self. Personalization of the home is on the rise, so it is time to say goodbye to the bandwagon trends and really spend time focusing on what you want to see in your space. Homeowners are gravitating towards custom built-ins, unique vintage finds, family heirlooms, and one-of-a-kind reclaimed pieces to serve as their room’s focal point. 

Amity Kett

8. Study Nooks and Home Offices 

With remote work and school, the need for practical home workspaces has become not only a design trend in 2021 but a necessity. In addition to home offices and even outbuildings, homeowners are adding mini study nooks in kitchens, living rooms, and rec spaces. These are perfect spots for family members to sit down and get some work done, especially when space is tight.   

Amity Kett

9. Dark Kitchens 

Sterile, uniform, and difficult to clean all-white kitchens are being left behind in the last decade. In 2021, dark kitchens are the new trend. Homeowners and designers are excited for custom painted cabinets in almost any shade but white. Dark colors, like gray, green, and even black, are rising in popularity, as well as stained woods, which are making a return. Dark color palettes are perfect to ground kitchens in open-concept spaces and are more durable than their bright white counterparts. 

Amity Kett

10. Relaxed, Cozy, and Joyful Interiors 

Our favorite design trend of 2021 is simple: we are designing for joy. At Amity Kett, we believe that a home should be comfortable and functional for the family who lives inside it. Often, that means tossing aside passing trends, styles, or aesthetics and working with the homeowner to discover what design elements they genuinely love and can live with for years to come. With every project we approach, our goals are to create a relaxed atmosphere, select cozy finishes, and always put joy as the number one priority of the design.  

Amity Kett

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