12 Outdoor Feature Wall Ideas to Define Your Patio

Our San Antonio Designers Say a Garden Accent Wall is the Best Way to Create an Inviting Outdoor Living Space

It’s no secret that there are many benefits to indoor-outdoor living. Outdoor living spaces increase a home’s livable square footage, provide a relaxing retreat, and offer a literal breath of fresh air. Today, homeowners are investing more than ever before in luxury outdoor kitchens, pools, and oversized patios. However, these outdoor spaces need definition in order to feel welcoming. To define your patio space, our San Antonio interior designers and architects recommend adding an outdoor feature wall that will create a focal point, invite guests outside, and serve as a backdrop for cozy outdoor living. Here are 12 garden accent wall ideas that can be incorporated into any landscape plan. 

12 Outdoor Feature Wall Ideas for Any Landscape Design Plan   

Think about the outdoor spaces of your home like interior spaces. For example, a deck or patio pavers establish the floor, a shade structure defines the patio from above, and an outdoor feature wall adds an element of privacy while capturing attention. These 12 outdoor feature wall ideas are favorites among our San Antonio interior designers and architects. 

1. Tranquil Trellis and Vine Garden Wall

Trellis and vine can be used to create a simple outdoor feature wall that offers classic charm and extra greenery to the outdoor living space. With options for flowering vines, you can watch this accent wall change through the seasons. 

Trillis and Vine Wall by Dency Kane from Better Homes and Gardens
Trillis and Vine Wall by Dency Kane from Better Homes and Gardens

2. Contemporary Living Plant Wall 

Living plant walls are constructed from a series of vertical stackable planters that create a striking and lush effect. Plant walls have a contemporary feel and are perfect for small patio spaces where planting space is limited. Not only beautiful, a plant wall could also serve as a practical palace to grow herbs for your outdoor kitchen.   

Living Plant Wall
Living Plant Wall by Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders from The Spruce

3. Relaxing Water Feature Wall

Another fun option for an outdoor feature wall is to include a water element. Fountains help create a relaxing feel in the backyard, and the gentle sound sparks interest for people to explore the outdoor living space. Water feature walls are especially effective when installed in private courtyards that can’t be seen from the main house. The sound of babbling water will serve as a guide to the secluded patio space.   

Water Feature Wall from Digsdigs
Here we have an outdoor feature wall with a water element.
Photo from Digsdigs

4. Bold Tile Wall  

Tile is a durable way to incorporate color into a backyard feature wall. Tile options are practically limitless. So to narrow down the choices, our San Antonio interior designers recommend looking at your home’s interior. Matching or coordinating your outdoor tile selection with an existing interior tile, like the kitchen backsplash, will help to establish an indoor-outdoor connection. Make sure your final choice is suited for outdoor installation.  

Tile Wall Granada Tile
Here we see Granada tile being used as a bold feature.

5. Traditional Garden Brick Wall 

Nothing says traditional English charm like a brick garden wall. In some outdoor spaces, it may be practical to build a new brick wall segment to serve as an accent or to fence in an entire patio space for privacy. In other yards, homeowners could consider applying a brick veneer to an existing wall to save on construction costs.    

Brick Wall by Sylvia Martin of Southern Living
Brick Wall by Sylvia Martin of Southern Living

6. Modern Teak Wood Accent Wall

Teak is a durable wood that can stand up to outdoor conditions and water exposure. If you are thinking about installing a teak deck, consider running the material up a wall to create a modern feature. Teak panels could be applied to an existing exterior wall, or a freestanding louvered wall could be constructed to provide airflow. 

Teak Shower Accent Wall from Houzz
Teak Shower Accent Wall from Houzz

7. Textured Stone Feature Wall 

Stone is another excellent material option for an outdoor feature wall, as it provides texture and visual interest. To really highlight the textured surface of the stone, consider adding accent lights to your landscape lighting plan.  

Stone Wall by Darren Chung from Gregory Phillips Architects
Stone Wall by Darren Chung from Gregory Phillips Architects

8. Mid-century Breezeblock Wall

Breezeblocks are lightweight cement bricks that feature designs allowing air to flow through them. Commonly seen in mid-century architecture, breezeblocks provide privacy and definition to a patio while letting in cool summer breezes. Since breezeblocks are closely interlinked with the mid-century modern movement, make sure the architectural style of your home works with this outdoor feature wall option.     

Breezeblock Wall
Breezeblock Wall
Source: Pinterest

9. European-inspired Plaster Wall

A plaster accent wall has the power to transport your backyard to the Italian coastline. While white is a classic choice, yellows, pinks, and rust colors can create a lively atmosphere and picturesque backdrops for al fresco parties.    

Plaster Wall by Michelle Nussbaumer from Elle Decor
Plaster Wall by Michelle Nussbaumer from Elle Decor

10. Outdoor Feature Wall with Weatherproof Art

Adding outdoor wall decor to an existing wall in the backyard is a great way to turn an eyesore into an asset. When selecting outdoor wall art, consider the style of your home, the feel of the backyard, and the waterproof materials available. Options like metal wall hangs, marquee letters, reclaimed driftwood, or even a surfboard are all suitable choices. 

Outdoor Wall Art by Amity Worrel
Here we see the use of wall art to enhance the space.
Photo by Amity Worrel

11. Mural Accent Wall 

Outdoor mural feature walls are perfect for homeowners who are looking for something completely custom. When commissioning a mural, anything is possible. Designs for a mural wall could range from clean and modern to nature-inspired to street art. Make sure to consider the architectural style of your home when selecting a mural design. 

Mural Wall by Amity Worrel
Mural Wall by Amity Worrel

12. Metal Art Panel Garden Wall

The final garden wall idea from our San Antonio designers is installing custom metal art panels. Metalworkers can design and laser cut freestanding metal art panels that provide privacy, definition, visual interest, and airflow to your patio space. Laser-cut designs can mimic foliage or feature geometric patterns. Outdoor metal panels are another great custom option for those who want to create a personalized space. 

Art Panel Wall Home
Here is the use of a laser-cut design on outdoor metal panels for a custom, personalized space.

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