What is Transitional Design?

Many of us who follow design trends have heard the term transitional applied to architecture and interior design.  What exactly is transitional design? It is a term used to  …

When Custom-Designed Is Best

Often times clients come to us with a request that cannot be fulfilled by simply going online to a furniture vendor or browsing a builder’s catalogue of house plans. Sometimes clients’ needs call for …


Finding the Best Color for your Home

From the moment we open our eyes, our relationship with color is instinctive. It can be powerfully impactful in our daily lives–especially on our emotions. Research on the effect of color on our emotions reveals that colors not only influence our feelings but can also lower blood pressure, spark creativity, curb appetites and even increase the selling price for homes.

Contemplating Modern Design

Contemplating Modern Design

Currently, in our experience as a San Antonio architecture and interior design firm, people are very interested in what they term “modern style” in interior design and architecture. There is a strong pull toward the “less is more” idea and away from ornamentation on the exterior of home–and certainly in the interior as well. Today’s client expresses a desire for design that elicits a sense of calm and ease, which comes from a space with straight lines and soothingly neutral color palettes.


Merging Historic Preservation with Today’s Lifestyle

Working on San Antonio’s beautiful historic homes which are fortunate enough to still retain their original finishes is indeed a treat and poses a special kind of challenge for Amity + Kett Architecture and Interior Design. Maintaining the period aesthetics of such beautifully preserved homes is priority while…

Designing with Classic Modernism

Designers and architects are often asked about “what style” they subscribe to, or which architectural or interior design style their work typically falls within. At our San Antonio architecture and interior design studio, we approach every project individually, our answer tends to…

Six Questions to Help Design Your New Kitchen

Many of our clients will come to our San Antonio architecture and interior design studio after deciding that their kitchen needs a remodel. As anyone who’s ever thrown a party in their home knows, the kitchen is…