Designing for Joy

Especially now, we are spending more time than ever within the walls of our homes. The sheltering in place we have been experiencing has provoked many to notice how well (or not) the home suits our needs. Having a home that feels like a haven–especially in times like these–is a gift. Beautiful design, details, and efficient functionality make the experience of being at home joyful. From the hardware and textures we touch as we live, work and play, to the art that adorns the walls, joy can be palpable.

Our Flamingo project is a great example of a client leaning into what she loves. We enjoyed working with this particular client so much on this project. She is someone who has a very clear vision of what she wants in her home. Her style is defined by a love of historic European influences mixed with a warm cottage feel that in her 1950s ranch style was very clearly exemplified. Her home had been decorated to the nines and was so personal and carefully done, it was a joy to see how much thought and care had gone into every decision.  

View the Project Here: Flamingo

When she contacted us, she had hit the proverbial wall where a professional designer was needed.  She wanted to create a vintage spa bathroom that would replace the hard working one that has served her family for years. After raising her kids here, now the bathroom would be all hers for long leisurely baths. The kitchen too, was in need of updating, and she was committed to preserving as much as she could for sentimental reasons. The laundry room was also in the mix, and it needed better aesthetics and more efficient storage.

The process was easy! We came in and measured the space, and we got acquainted with the client and how she lives in the home. She’s utterly organize and neat as pin. We learned that she loved birds and soft blues and that she loved a bit of sparkle and European glamour, as well.

She was very involved throughout the project.  We rebuilt three quarters of the cabinets in the kitchen, salvaging what we could of the area next to the sink.  We created an organized work area in the kitchen for bill paying lots of storage and kept as much light as possible.

In the laundry room we installed a faux brick tile floor, built-in the washer/dryer and covered the electrical panel, so we were able to apply a lovely bird motif wallpaper.

In the new master bathroom we took out a built-in tub and added a free standing/claw footed tub. We chose new floor and wall tile and all new plumbing, and the client was even involved in designing a custom decorative window from a local artisan.

The crowning glory of the project was the ceiling of the kitchen that is coved in a decorative metal paneling that she personally faux finished.  

The best part of the job was how easily we all worked together and trusted one another and in the end the project was all the better for it….so unique! The takeaway is this: lean in to what you love, and your home can become your haven!

If you have questions, please reach out! We’re here for you.

This project was recently featured in San Antonio CASA Magazine. Read the article here.

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