Six Questions to Help Design Your New Kitchen

Many of our clients will come to our San Antonio architecture and interior design studio after deciding that their kitchen needs a remodel. As anyone who’s ever thrown a party in their home knows, the kitchen is almost always the destination where everyone ends up.

The attraction to gather around in the heart of the home is also is true for families. Kitchens are also where families spend the majority of their time. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, and dinner, homework sessions or midnight snacks, the kitchen is typically the busiest room in the house.

The kitchen is also the most intensive part of the home from a design perspective. Designing your kitchen requires the merger of many different materials and textures. Countertops, wall paint, flooring, appliances, decorative objects, and hardware must all complement each other. Lighting, from natural light to task and indirect lighting is also a key ingredient for a well-designed kitchen.

These six questions will help you begin to sort out the direction your kitchen remodel should pursue:

  1. Is your work area sufficient for your meal preparation needs?
    Do you have a large work counter space that isn’t interrupted with a sink or appliances?
  2. Is your sink the right size? 
    Can the sink accommodate daily and special occasion workflow?
  3. How much cabinet and drawer storage do you need?
    Are there sufficient cabinets and shelving is for stocking everyday dishes, cookware, serving platters, cutting boards, silverware, and everyday cooking utensils?
  4. How much room do you need for your pantry?
    Is there enough room to stock supplies that are frequently used?
  5. Do you have appropriate lighting?
    A thoroughly considered lighting plan is important not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for safety. Can you see clearly when you are handling knives at different times of day?
  6. What view of the kitchen do you want to see following a meal?
    Consider the view of the kitchen from other spaces in the house. The post-dinner view of the kitchen following a party or even on school nights will need to be decided based on habits, volume, frequency, and type of use.

These questions will need to be met with effective, creative answers. At Amity Kett, our architect and interior design team are well-versed in helping you achieve your design goals. If you would like to explore finding custom solutions for your specific kitchen remodeling needs, schedule a free consultation with our design team.

Another opportunity that is available to our San Antonio clients is to attend our Design Discovery events. These are excellent forums to view different design solutions and meet with trade professionals in a social setting. Sign-up to join our invitation list.

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