Summit Avenue

These clients contacted us initially in order to solve a problem, they had a charming but difficult to access powder room on their main floor that required rethinking.  They also had a great old fashioned two way stair case that leads from the front door up and also lead down into the kitchen hall.  On their second floor they needed some reconfiguring to take better advantage of their available space.

We took over the backstair to create a small power room that is easier to access and added mirrors to all the walls to visually widen the space.

Upstairs we move and expanded the laundry room adding a drying cabinet and yellow painted cabinets for a cheerful space.  We took advantage of the clients lovely sleeping porch to create a comfortable office with a custom sofa for afternoon naps, top down bottom up window treatments for enjoying the tree top view.

The master bedroom got a custom designed bed of mahogany and pink velvet in a deco style!   We also added new bedside tables and an area rug in to warm up the space.  A small master bathroom was converted into a colorful and sophisticated space with a shower, double sinks and a free standing tub including a custom vanity cabinet and lots of storage.

In the Guest Room we added a new headboard, bedding and incorporated a few of the clients family pieces for a charming collected feel and a new area rug that fills the room.

The secondary bathroom was also reconfigured and completed refinished in a handmade tile for the walls and a “peanut butter” painted vanity cabinet and large decorative sconces.

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