10 of the Best 2022 Home Design Trends

The 10 Design Trends for 2022 Our San Antonio Interior Designers and Architects are Most Excited About

Home design trends have taken a dramatic shift from where they were just two short years ago. The 2010s were defined by all-white kitchens, minimalist decor, and modern farmhouse copycats stretching from the countryside to city lofts. In 2020, the world dramatically shifted and so did our interior design and architectural preferences. As we become reacquainted with our abodes, many of us discovered the value of cozy finishes, colorful kitchens, and personalized everything. In addition, the new decade saw the rise of cottagecore, granny chic, and naturalistic style, and these trends continue to grow. Here are 10 of the best 2022 home design trends that our San Antonio interior designers and architects are most excited about this year. 

2022 Home Design Trends to Update Your Space

1. More Greens 

When it comes to 2022 Color of the Year announcements, there is a unanimous winner—green! Major paint companies like Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Sherwin-Williams are unveiling shades like Evergreen Fog, Olive Sprig, and Laurel Leaf. So far, 2020s interior design has taken a naturalistic approach, so it only makes sense that earthy and rich greens are trending for 2022. In one of our latest designs for Amity Kett, our team of San Antonio designers selected rich emerald green tiles for the primary bath. This color is here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier!  

Green Shower Tile by Amity Kett

2. Darker Kitchens 

White, sterile, and hard-to-clean kitchens were so last decade! As we began cooking at home more in 2020, we realized how tedious it is to clean a white-on-white kitchen. Now, darker kitchens are making a comeback because they are much more home chef-friendly. We recommend going custom on cabinet colors, opting for rich greens, blues, or stained woods. While white cabinets aren’t going anywhere, warmer tones are welcomed over stark white. Our San Antonio design team suggests honoring the architecture of your home and selecting contrasting finishes to design a timeless kitchen that will never go out of style

Darker Kitchen Cabinets by Amity Kett

3. Increased Personalization 

In the 2010s, many homeowners spent their time chasing the trends they saw dominating their magazine pages, TV shows, and Instagram feeds. By 2020, we all got tired of seeing the same living room applied to home after home. Now, one of the biggest trends for 2022 home design is personalization. Homeowners are putting their preferences first, no matter how bizarre. Expect to see more custom built-ins to display personal collections, as well as quirky features like spiral staircases and secret doors. One of the best parts of the personalization trend is that there are no limits and no rules! 

Secret Door by Amity Worrel

4. Multifunctional and WFH Rooms  

COVID impacted interior design and architecture trends because it changed the demands we put on our homes. Today, homeowners see more value in creating multifunctional and work-from-home rooms than they did in the prior decade. As many of us have transitioned to full-time remote work, quiet office space at home is more important than ever before. As a result, our San Antonio interior designers and architects are creating more multifunctional rooms to accommodate home offices, guest quarters, and workout spaces. 

Work from Home Space by Amity Kett

5. Reeded and Cane Furniture 

While the 2010s were all about sleek finishes and clean lines, the 2020s are taking a more textural approach. Now, reeded and cane furniture is trending for its dimensional and warm look. Reeded pieces feature narrow ridges that create texture, while cane furnishings showcase a mesh framework similar to wicker. These furnishings celebrate the organic form, texture, and nature in an elegant way.  

Reeded Dresser by Anthropologie

6. Pattern and Color Mixing 

Florals for 2022? Now, that actually is groundbreaking! Our San Antonio interior designers are thrilled to see a return to bold pattern and color, including classic prints like florals and stripes. That Laura Ashley bedding you remember from the 80s is making a comeback. With the rise of cottagecore and granny chic design trends, homeowners are once again embracing old-fashioned textiles. People are also looking for ways to add color to the home. We recommend enhancing neutral color palettes with warm earth tones, bright jewel tones, and soothing colors pulled from nature. When working with pattern and color, we recommend going bold. If you love it enough for one pillow or wall, consider how it would look with a more extensive application. 

Mixing Color and Pattern by Amity Worrel

7. Antiques and Collectables 

Gaps in the supply chain are resulting in production and shipping delays for all furniture pieces, not just custom orders. As a result, more people are opting to forgo the big box stores and shop for antiques to complete their home design projects faster, with the bonus of achieving a one-of-a-kind look. Trending decor schemes, like the cottage style, are actually enhanced by the inclusion of antiques. While the search for antiques can be challenging, it is enriching to discover that unique collectible that you will be able to pass down. 

Antiques by Amity Worrel

8. Indoor-outdoor Living 

In 2022, outdoor spaces are being given just as much attention as indoor rooms. In some cases, homeowners are consulting designers to plan their patios before even considering redecorating their living rooms. When planning indoor-outdoor living, remember to consider the flow between the interior and exterior, choose the right patio furniture, and add resort-style amenities. Spas, firepits, pools, and outdoor kitchens are all becoming backyard must-haves!

Outdoor Living by DK Studio

9. Curved Lines 

Straight lines can feel rigid, formal, or minimalist—all words used to describe home design in the 2010s. Now, homeowners desire a softer look that ties into nature. Curved lines are the perfect way to bring softness and organic forms to a room, creating a relaxing and inviting environment. While straight lines are not going anywhere, expect to see more curvilinear sofas, mirrors, and even walls in 2022. 

Curved Lines by Amity Worrel

10. Nods to Nostalgia 

The 2020s have been a decade fixated on nostalgia. So, psychedelic designs of the 1970s and rad decor of the 1980s are both finding their way back into today’s homes. While we aren’t installing avocado-green appliances in the kitchen, homeowners are opting for warm 70s color palettes, including earthy greens and oranges. Likewise, 80s trends, including Laura Ashley bedding, brass accents, and even glass blocks, are also finding a home in 2022. Subtle nods to nostalgia throughout the house are an excellent way to remind us of our favorite eras while creating a dynamic and layered design scheme. 

Nods to Nostalgia by Amity Worrel

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