The Romance of Interiors: Design Elements That Keep Us Coming Back

At Amity Kett, our interior designers and architects gravitate towards timeless design elements that are rooted and inspired in classic styles that have endured for decades. While we have always held an appreciation of older homes, we are now seeing a rise in their popularity and appreciation for their character, details, and charming features that inspire a sense of romanticism. We are reviewing some of our favorite interior design elements that our Texas-based designers continue to come back to time and time again. Let’s take a look at what makes these design features not only a classic choice for aesthetic charm but also how they offer practical solutions and opportunities for joyful living

What Makes Interior Design Romantic? 

In new construction and renovations, many home interiors are left stark and without any ornamentation, detailing, or sense of the romantic. This, however, does not need to be the case. Any style of home can be given architectural and interior detailing that creates an inspirational and welcoming space for the backdrop of life in the home. Even a modern style home can be contemporary without feeling cold, given the application of good design. When picking out interior design elements, our designers always come back to a few staples that add romantic appeal as well as practicality.  

Charming Home Features 

Many homeowners want to add old-time charm to their residence. We have four classic interior elements that can add charm to any style space, from traditional to Art Deco to contemporary. 

Libraries & Reading Nooks

Libraries are features that automatically create a sense of warmth and romanticism. Upon entering a home library, one can’t help but to remember classic stories and be transported to a place where they can truly disconnect and dive into not only a book but also the space without interruption. 

For homes with limited space, turning a study or office into a dedicated library may not be an option. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no opportunity for a cozy reading corner. Reading nooks not only add architectural detailing but also make for practical use of space where one can relax or study. Reading nooks are perfect to fit into a children’s room or to create a sense of division in a shared office. 

Stair runners offer both visual appeal and practical performance. Choosing a stair runner allows for the incorporation of pattern, texture, and color that can help transform a dull stairway into a showstopping entrance that wows guests. Bold geometric patterns can be used or the stairs can be kept simple with classic designs. No matter the aesthetics, stair runners also help to reduce noise and protect the staircase. 

Stained Glass

Stained glass has been used in a variety of styles from Gothic cathedrals to charming Craftsmen bungalows. With a range of artistic styles and applications, there are opportunities to apply stained glass modestly in transom windows or in elegant full window displays. Consider the beautiful play of afternoon lighting when selecting wall colors and textiles.  


Fireplaces have historically been a key feature of design and are the heart of the home. Styles can range from the ultra-modern to formal to rustic but all offer a sense of warmth and gathering no matter the architectural detailing or material selection. Fireplace designs can be created using marble, brick, tile, plaster, cast iron, and wood elements.  

Vintage Kitchen Detailing

Our interior designers are seeing a trend away from stark and sterile high-gloss kitchens and a return to vintage detailing and charm. 

Farmhouse Sinks & Bridge Faucets

Farmhouse sinks with apron fronts are popular choices for any kitchen, regardless if they are designed in the farmhouse style or not. They offer an increased amount of useful dishwashing space and visually call attention to themselves rather than try to hide beneath the counters. Paired with bridge faucets that decoratively reveal plumbing details, the sink area becomes a nod to the work that happens in the space. 

Open Shelving & Drying Racks

Open shelving and drying racks keep a kitchen looking light, fresh, and open. These elements again reveal life behind the curtain and embrace the function of the kitchen. Depending on material selections, these features work in both older and contemporary homes.


In a restaurant do you choose a booth or a table? Homeowners love to have banquets featured in the interior design of their kitchen space. These cozy built-ins offer a lovely feeling of being tucked in, and they encourage relaxation and interaction around the table for a relaxed feel.  

Trending but Practical Design 

While some trends come and go, others offer innovative ways to incorporate accessibility, easy maintenance, and streamlined design into the home. 

Wet Rooms 

Wet rooms have recently emerged as a new trend that offers not only beautiful design but also efficiency for homeowners. Wet rooms are open and barrier-free bathrooms that are continuously tiled from floor to wall and feature an open shower without a threshold that typically incorporates a tub as well. They offer a sleek and unified style with uninterrupted sightlines that give the feeling of space. In addition, they provide easy access and mobility for users and are simple to clean. 

The Importance of Romantic Interior Design 

The interiors of our homes are where we spend a large majority of our time working, relaxing, and creating memories. Home aesthetics affect our moods, energy levels, and sense of self, making them a crucial element of our health and wellbeing. By including romanticized charm and character, we are able to express ourselves and convey a mood that we want our home and it’s inhabitants to embody. Here at Amity Kett, we make it a point to focus on the interior design elements and details that not only create a visual impact but also an emotional response. 

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