What Are Built-In Beds and Why Are They Trending?

Our San Antonio Interior Designers and Architects Discuss the Cozy Appeal of Built-In Beds 

On lazy Sunday mornings, rainy afternoons, and cold winter nights, our beds become retreats. These are the spots where we can curl up with a good book, unwind, and leave the outside world behind. So, how do you transform a simple bed into a cozy escape? Now, more homeowners are choosing to ditch the store-bought bed frame in favor of custom built-in beds. But, what are built-in beds exactly, and should you create one for your home? Our San Antonio interior designers and architects discuss the types, benefits, and cozy appeal of built-in beds. 

What are Built-in Beds? 

Simply put, built-in beds are custom bed frame designs built into the home’s architecture. Traditionally, built-in beds occupy nooks or alcoves where a traditional bed frame would not fit. However, a custom bed can be constructed anywhere in the home. A built-in bed can range from a simple platform to an ornate structure with detailed millwork. Built-in beds can be created in various styles, but they tend to evoke a cozy feeling as they are often nestled into smaller spaces. 

5 Types of Built-In Beds

Here are five types of built-in beds to consider adding to your home. 

1. Built-In Nook Bed

Nooks come in a range of shapes and sizes, but they are any small space that offers a feeling of intimacy and security. Typically, nooks can be challenging to furnish due to their small size and unique layout. However, a built-in nook bed can maximize the use of an otherwise unconventional and hard-to-furnish area. Nook beds are perfect for children’s rooms or to create a daybed reading nook in an office or lounge. 

Nook Beds
Nook Beds/Design by Mcalpine Booth Ferrier Interiors/Photo by Pieter Estersohn/Source by Arch Digest

2. Built-In Alcove Bed 

Alcoves are slightly bigger than nooks and provide a recess set off of a larger room. When creating a custom built-in bed to fit an alcove, you can set the bed back and allow for more floor space and flow in a bedroom. The structure of the alcove also creates a canopy effect, helping to define the sleeping area. 

Alcove Bed
Alcove Bed by Amity Worrel

3. Built-In Window Seat Beds 

Built-in window seat beds may not be the most practical for sleeping unless you are lucky enough to have a massive window with picturesque views. However, filling a large window dormer with a built-in bed makes the perfect spot for cozying up with a good book and cup of tea. Setting up lounging areas framed by windows is also an excellent way to create indoor-outdoor connections in the home. Sit back and enjoy the view! 

Purple window seat
Window Seat Bed/Design by Delphine Krakoff/Photo by Bjorn Wallander/Source from Arch Digest

4. Built-In Bunk Beds

Custom built-in bunk beds are a popular option for kids’ rooms and vacation properties. Built-in bunks allow you to maximize the sleeping space of a room while also providing privacy and defined areas. Going custom with built-ins offers the opportunity to equip each bunk with lighting, charging ports, and even curtains—establishing the sense of individual rooms. 

Built in Bunk Beds
Built-In Bunk Beds by Amity Worrel

5. Beds with Built-In Storage

Small bedrooms come with storage struggles. Custom built-in beds with drawers, shelving, and cabinets offer storage solutions designed around your unique needs. Beds with built-in storage can be especially fun for kids, giving them a space to display personal collections without looking cluttered

Storage Bed/Design by Brigette Romanek/Photo by Douglas Friedman/Source from Arch Digest

4 Benefits of Built-in Beds

Our San Antonio interior designers and architects agree that these are the top four benefits of built-in beds. 

1. Create a Cozy Spot to Relax 

Built-in beds often occupy small nooks and are protected by walls on three sides, making for a cozy and private spot that’s perfect for reading, daydreaming, or napping. Whether you are a kid or an adult, a built-in bed can become your personal fort. 

2. Maximize the Space in a Room 

Traditional bed frames can take up a lot of space, especially in rooms with awkward floor plans. Going custom with a built-in bed allows you to maximize the square footage, whether you are turning an unusable nook into a practical sleeping space, stacking bunks to accommodate multiple guests, or addressing storage needs with shelving.  

3. Add Architectural Interest 

Unlike traditional beds, built-in beds become part of the home and add architectural interest to a room. When planning a custom design, you can add trim work, lighting, and any finishes imaginable. For example, you could paint the ceiling of a nook bed to help define it as its own space. When creating multiple built-in bunks, you could personalize each one with different wallpaper options on the back wall. Designing a built-in bed is almost like planning out a tiny room. These small spaces can make a big design impact. 

4. Offer Privacy When Sharing Accommodations

Built-in bunk beds can provide a level of privacy that traditional bunk beds cannot. Everyone appreciates some extra privacy when sharing accommodations, after all. Custom bunks can be separated with walls and curtains, and they can be outfitted with personal wall-mounted lights or even small TVs. You can even design bunks to accommodate full-sized beds.  

Built In Beds
Built-In Beds by Amity Worrel

Why Are Built-in Beds Trending Today? 

Built-in beds are not a new concept, but lately, these cozy sleeping quarters have been popping up in more homes, Airbnbs, and Instagram posts. So, why are built-in beds trending? One of the biggest interior design trends this year has been comfort. Homeowners are embracing cozy textiles, relaxing colors, and nostalgic cottage-style decor. Built-in beds fit right in with the comfort craze. And, who wouldn’t want a comfortable place to unwind at the end of the day? When it comes to welcoming interior design, cozy wins. If you wish to maximize your guest room or create a private escape for reading your favorite books, built-in beds are the perfect addition to your cozy home.  

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