What is the Goblincore Interior Design Trend?

Our San Antonio Interior Designers and Architects Define Goblincore—A Trend Embracing Nature’s Imperfections and Dark Side

The latest in home design brings the chaos, dirt, and mud of the forest straight into the living room. Inspired by creepy crawlies, Goblincore takes maximalist design to the next level, embracing nature’s imperfections and dark side. If you are asking, “How did we get to the point of decorating our homes with mushrooms, snails, and skeletons,” you are not alone. Our San Antonio interior designers and architects explain the Goblincore interior design trend, where it came from, and how it can be applied to your home (even when Halloween is over).  

What is Goblincore? 

Goblincore interior design embraces the dark, wild, and imperfect side of nature, using design motifs inspired by the flora and fauna that are widely considered to be “ugly” as well as mystical elements with a bit of sparkle. The design trend morphed from the more charming Cottagecore style that became popular at the start of 2020 for its comforting nostalgia and innocent Little House on the Prairie aesthetic. Goblincore incorporates cottage and country-style elements mixed with goth, steampunk, and even Victorian-era design trends.   

Goblincore Kitchen
Goblincore interior design embraces the dark, wild, and imperfect side of nature.

How did the Goblincore Interior Design Trend Start? 

So far, new interior design trends of the 20s have all promoted maximalist decor, darker colors, connections to nature, and highly personalized style—Goblincore fits right in! The movement dates back to the 2010s in niche online communities found on Tumblr and TikTok, and it started picking up steam in 2020 as people looked to the internet (and nature) for a pandemic escape. More mainstream trends like Cottagecore helped to welcome Goblincore to the mix. In a world of chaos, many people find comfort in embracing imperfections and finding beauty in the darkness. So, it’s easy to see why Goblincore is on the rise. Now, its peak is here just in time for Halloween 2021 (or Spooky Season as the younger generations call it).   

Goblincore vs. Cottagecore: What’s the Difference? 

Goblincore and Cottagecore were both born out of the pandemic as people searched for ways to make their homes (which now served as offices and schools) more comfortable and personalized for 24/7 living. Both trends look to nature for inspiration, and they spread on apps like TikTok and Instagram. So what is the difference between cozy cottage style and creepy goblin chic? 

Like Cottagecore, Goblincore draws inspiration from nature but takes it to the next level, bringing the feral and chaotic imperfections of the forest inside. It’s been said that Goblincore is Cottagecore for people who actually spend time outside. Both styles support handcrafted and upcycled elements over purchases from big box stores. For example, a Cottagecore designer may go to the local market to buy fabric to sew a quilt. In comparison, a Goblincore enthusiast has no problem foraging in the woods to design a centerpiece made of twigs, moss, and even a skeleton or two. Goblincore takes a maximalist and escapist approach to design, striving to find beauty in the shadowy elements most people try to block out.  

Elements of Goblincore Interior Design

Goblincore interior design embraces chaos, dirt, and mud. Here are elements of the style to keep in mind as you forage for decor. 

Dark Colors 

Choose interior paint colors on the dark side for goblin-chic spaces, and don’t be afraid to clash. Nature has no problem mixing browns, greens, and blacks.  

Dark Goblincore Colors
Dark Colors in Goblincore Design

Skeletal Figures 

If you are looking for cute animal prints, go check out Cottagecore design. Goblin designers are here to collect skeletal figures that can be used for wall decor and tablescapes.  

Goblincore Interior Design
Skeletons in Goblincore Interior Design

Mushrooms and Fungi 

Instead of planting succulents, try growing mushrooms. Goblincore is all about making indoor-outdoor connections, even with some of the creepier plants. 

Sparkling Crystals 

Goblincore isn’t all dark and drab. Collections of shining crystals are encouraged, adding a bit of sparkle to your shelves.  

Goblincore Design Inspiration

Goblincore design seeks inspiration from the forest, but homeowners are also turning to their favorite haunted houses and movies for their design plans. Haunted houses lure us in and fascinate us. That’s how every scary movie starts, after all. The haunted aesthetic translates to edgy style (especially the goth, steampunk, and Victorian elements of Goblincore). It allows us to embrace our darker sides. Here are some famous film residences to inspire your Goblincore renovation — if you dare

The Hobbit House

The Shire may be the ultimate example of Goblincore design. Burrowed into the hillside, it incorporates dirt, organic curves, and a dash of whimsy. 

The Shire Hobbiton Movie Set Tours
The Shire from Movie Set Tours

Beetlejuice House

Mr. Betelgeuse is basically your 1980s goblin. The Beetlejuice house renovation mixes post-modern design with dark natural elements, seen in the raw edge granite dining table and animal pelt chairs. 

Beetlejuice House
Beetlejuice House

Jumanji House

The Jumanji house fully commits to bringing chaos, dirt, and plenty of plants into the living room. While the climbing vines are hostile, they do add a lot of style to the space.  

Jumanji House Interior
Jumanji House

Green Card Apartment 

While the Green Card apartment decor is more sweet than creepy (it is a 90s rom-com, after all), the wild embrace of plants carries in the Goblincore aesthetic.  

Green Card Apartment
Green Card Apartment

The Addams Family House

The award for the creepiest and spookiest home design has to go to the Addams family. Their style fully embraces the goth and Victorian elements of Goblincore. It resonates with people so much that they’ve even opened up the house to guests on Airbnb

Why Would You Want to Embrace the Goblincore Trend?

You don’t have to be a goblin, hobbit, or even a creepy hermit to embrace the Goblincore trend. This style is for people who want to reject unattainable perfection in their homes, seek beauty in the unexpected, and embrace their dark side. Goblincore design allows nature enthusiasts to display their personal collections without pause, showcasing rocks, crystals, shells, and whatever else they find on their walks. Connecting to nature in any way can have a grounding and soothing effect, even if it means letting a goblin design your living room. 

Bonus Goblincore Shopping Tip

Since Goblincore embraces the natural imperfections of nature, the best place to shop for decor may be the woods behind your house. However, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters surprisingly have a well-curated selection of Goblincore and Cottagecore-inspired home goods for urbanites. Give credit to the TikTok teens for taking feral style to the mall

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