Why Cottage Style is the Decor Trend We Need Right Now [Plus How to Get the Look]

The cottage style combines elements of cozy comfort, light and bright interiors, and hominess that allows for the space to feel lived in as well as inviting. As we continue to redefine the home as we move through 2020 and into 2021, we are seeing an embrace of leisure and family spaces and a letting go of clean lines, minimalism, and cold finishes. Cottage style decor is the trend we need right now, as it offers pleasing style and comfort that is warm, welcoming, and easy to live with. Our interior designers and architects in San Antonio, TX are defining the cottage style as well as the elements necessary to include to get the look. 

What is Cottage Style and Why Does It Feel so Homey? 

Cottage style homes originated in England during the Medieval era as houses where farmers called “cotters” resided. These quaint homes featured stone and wood facades, gabled roofs, brick pathways, and charming architectural details that are still applied to the exterior style today. On the interior, cottage style decor is characterized by fresh colors, cozy furnishings, and motifs inspired by nature. With comfort as the end goal, there is really no wrong way to approach this charming style. 

The cottage style feels so homey because it offers the ability to be combined with other style elements, making it easy to include family heirlooms as well as pieces that evoke comfort. Cottage style can be mixed with other interior design styles like rustic, shabby chic, eclectic, Craftsman, and even coastal. While the style does share some aspects of shabby chic and eclectic design, it never tries to be sophisticated. It is decidedly unpretentious and unapologetically nostalgic, allowing for the warm feeling of home to shine. 

Why is Cottage Style Trending for 2021? 

2020 has brought the challenges of COVID and social distancing that are redefining how we approach life in the home and changing the future of interior design. As a greater emphasis is placed on home life, we are trading colder contemporary styles for warmer design schemes like the cottage style. This style is perfect for creating a relaxing retreat from the stress of everyday life, and it prioritizes creature comforts. As we move into 2021, we are only seeing a stronger favoring of cozier and more traditional styles. 

The Elements of Cottage Style – Ways to Get the Look 

Cottage style details celebrate the idea of home and are central to our narrative of what a home should look like. Home brings up emotions of security, comfort, and ease. The cottage style works to celebrate these elements with welcoming interiors, cozy textiles, and family heirlooms. Here are the key elements of cottage style design and ways to get the look in your home.  

Charming Architectural Details 

Architecturally, cottage homes have charming details that are reminiscent of idealized past nostalgia. These elements include thatched roofs, arches, window boxes, and other decorative details like garden walls and stacked chimneys. 

Dutch Doors 

Dutch doors are classic elements in cottage, rustic, and even farmhouse designs. Dutch doors are used on the exterior and are made up of two horizontal panels that can be opened together or separately. The top panel can open while the bottom panel remains closed, letting in cool breezes but keeping pets and children inside. Originally, this charming design was devised to keep out wandering farm animals. 

Cobblestones and Bricks

Cobblestones and bricks are used together to establish old world charm on both the exterior and interior. Stone can be used on exterior walls as well as fireplaces, and bricks are commonly seen on pathways, patios, and even interior flooring in high traffic areas like entryways and kitchens. 

A Mix of Rustic and Eclectic Materials  

The cottage style combines a mix of rustic and eclectic finishes, materials, and furnishings, many of which can be vintage, secondhand, or reclaimed. For example, reclaimed wood, stone, and wrought iron accents can instantly create a warmer feel and add character. Materials like these can be incorporated in fireplace mantels, beadboard walls, and exposed ceiling beams. 

When it comes to cottage style furnishings, wood and wicker pieces paired with soft cushions and plush textiles offer beauty and comfort. Straw baskets and antique chests make for great accent pieces that also allow for additional storage. When shopping for pieces, make sure to take a look at antique stores, thrift shops, yard sales, and flea markets. You never know what you may find and the history it could hold.   

Heirloom Pieces 

Contemporary design schemes may call for storing and hiding away personal heirlooms, but the cottage style celebrates vintage pieces and items that have been passed down, like photographs, quilts, and dishes. Cottage interiors are all about feeling cozy and lived in, so display your favorite pieces with pride. 

Upcycled and DIY Projects 

Don’t be afraid to add personal touches. Upcycled and do it yourself projects are great to incorporate into the cottage style. While we spend more time at home on the weekends, they also allow for a recreational and creative outlet. Plus, handmade items make for great conversation pieces. 

Cozy Textiles 

When choosing textiles, stick to durable but comfortable fabrics like cotton. The key is making sure the space is inviting, so don’t intimidate guests with delicate silks or expensive velvets. Stick with crisp neutral colors for a base and include subtle accent colors or patterns inspired by nature, florals, and landscapes. 

Light Color Palette 

Light and bright color palettes are crucial when designing for the cottage style. Some traditional items, like exposed wood, stone, and antiques, can create a darker feel. So, it is important to balance these elements with bright neutrals like crisp whites to keep an airy and welcoming environment. When including accent colors, consider muted pastels like sage, robin egg blue, and lavender. 

Why We Love Cottage Style Homes

At Amity Kett, we love designing cottage style homes and interiors. For us, the style offers timeless charm, cozy comfort, and a welcoming feel. We are excited to see this style trending because it embodies so many elements of what we think good home design should include, placing quality of living and comfort first. Are you looking to redesign your space with the cottage style in mind? Tell us about your project. 

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